Friday, May 1, 2009

Coming Soon from Code Red: Part 2- The 80's

Thanks to Code Red we can anticipate a lost James Coburn, two Elliot Gould movies, sexy cheerleaders, The Farmer, The Hammer, Peter O'Toole, aliens, and Jesus Christ. Sounds like the most wildest and fun dream anyone can have. Can Code Red do justice to the countless 80's film that seem stuck in the world of VHS?
Human Experiments: (1980) Geoffrey Lewis, (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot) plays the evil Doctor Kline. Much like the doctors of the S.S, Kline experiments on people. His newest victim played by Linda Haynes, (Rolling Thunder) fights for her life in this heart pounding film. The trailer creates a feeling of urgency and claustrophobia that helps you sympathize with the main victim.

The Silent Scream: (1980) Featured in 42nd Street Forever Volume 4. The poster for this film is a throwback to the days of good old fashioned horror films. The poster shows a woman's mouth with a scream that actually is silent. The tagline is simply perfect, "Terror so sudden there is no time to scream". The film is about Mrs. Engels, who runs a seaside mansion that is a boardinghouse for three college students. When students start missing the cops discover Mrs Engels may have a dark secret. Yvonne De Carlo (Lilly Munster) plays Mrs Engels and Cameron Mitchell, (The Klansman) plays Lt. Sandy McGiver.

Scream (1981) Courtesy of Media Blasters this will soon be available. This is supposedly one of the most poorly directed horror films ever made. Fans of this genre will basically want to see it for that very reason. The plot is pretty standard for a slasher film of the 80's. A group of friends who go rafting down a river and they stop to rest for the night at an old ghost town. Soon their rafts vanish, and then they begin to be eliminated one by one by a mysterious killer. One major curiosity of this film would be see Woody Strode, (Vigilante) in a very small role as Charlie Winters.

Nightmare in a Damaged Brain: (1981) This is one film that fans of Code Red have been eagerly awaiting. This film has been released in a XXX version and a standard "R" rated version. Tom Savani was forced to sue the director of this film for misuse of his name in the trailer. Romano Scavolini, (The director) claimed that Savani did the gore effects for the film, when he didn't. The main character of this film is a mental-patient, who is troubled with terrifying nightmares. Recently having escaped from a mental hospital he has nothing better to do then kill innocent people. The film is close to being released but Code Red needs a translator for the Italian subtitles of Romano Scavolini's interview. Code Red is considering releasing a bare-bone version of the film in October.

Trapped: (1982) This will be released on DVD on 8/4. A group of college students accidentally see a local psychotic redneck kill (Henry Silva) his wife. In the redneck's mind the college students have seen enough and must be killed. The students fight for their life in this backwoods thriller from cult director William Fruet. This film is loaded with enough sex and violence for fans of exploitation.

Spasms: (1983) William Fruet directs this film about a gigantic serpent that is captured on a remote island and shipped to an American college for experimentation. A British millionaire and an American scientist must try and stop the serpent when it escapes and starts to kill. Peter Fonda, (High Ballin') plays the American scientist and Oliver Reed, (Gladiator) plays the British millionaire. This is a pretty impressive cast for a gigantic serpent film. Tagline: "You scream, you expand, you explode. A new source of evil is discovered and is out of control". Code Red, please release this soon.

Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker: (1983) Billy Lynch has lived with his aunt for fourteen years and he feels it is time to move on. He is in love with the pretty girl next door, and his Aunt Cheryl is not happy about any of this. The bodies start to pile up around Billy and the detective sent to investigate has a strong hatred for homosexuals. The film also has a homosexual love triange which is very strange. The film's plot is very unusual but is helped by a strong cast. Jimmy McNichol, (Kristi's Brother.) plays Billy, Susan Tyrrell, (Angel) plays Aunt Cheryl, and Bo Svenson, (Inglorious Bastards) plays the psychotic detective. The film also features a very young Bill Paxton. The DVD was about to be released but put on hold so that Jimmy McNichol may record a commentary or interview for the special features.

The Strangeness: (1985) Much like Messiah of Evil, The Strangeness is also featured in Stephen Thrower's Nightmare U.S.A. This film provides one of the best clay stop-motion creatures ever created. The film is said to be a slow moving tale of a few explorers trapped in an abandoned goldmine. Once the creature makes the first appearance the film will have you hooked. (Coming Very Soon.)

The Mutilator from 1985 was acquired by Code Red but prints have been so lousy that this film may never see the light of day.

Choke Canyon (1986) featuring the dad from 7th Heaven as a cowboy scientist. Look for the review on this site. Bo Svenson and Lance Henriksen are the supporting cast of this no brainer thriller from the late 80's. Action films like this and the ones that starred Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson were so much fun. Bo Svenson has recorded an on camera interview for Code Red.

Riot on 42nd St.: (1987) This features an appearance by Sgt Kabukiman N.Y.P.D's Rick Gianasi. This film also marks the return of "The Black Dragon". The real thrill of this film will be seeing the footage of the old 42nd Street, which I was too young to ever visit. Those movie theatres back then seemed like a real treat. Three horror movies at an ultra low price. (Of course the junkies, crooks, and rats are a turn-off.)
The Undertaker: (1988) This is one of character actor Joe Spinell's last films. Similar to Spinell's Manaic, this film is the story of a very deranged human being. The film is about a man that kills people so that they can be his new friends. This horror film really has been lost and I look forward to seeing this eventually released.

Code Red is also working on Night of the Dribbler. A film that is about a killer with a basketball head chasing after teens. The film has never been released anywhere.


  1. Code Red has announced that they are trying to get "The Strangeness" out in August. They have an extensive interview with the effects man.

  2. Wow! Human experiments that's what I want to find something like that specially because of the woman who appears in the cover, I figure out the experiments that did with that woman.m10m