Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amazon Women on the Moon

Amazon Women on the Moon is the sequel to Kentucky Fried Movie. This is a throwback to an era of films that is sorely missed. This film tries to be funny just for the sake of being funny. There is no deeper meaning behind most of the sketches. The sketches are filled with an 80's all-star cast. Some sketches are a little dated but most hold up pretty well. The film is directed by many people, including John Landis, (An American Werewolf in London, Animal House.) Peter Horton, (Star of ThirtySomething, and Children of the Corn) Joe Dante, (Gremlins), Carl Gottlieb (Caveman) and Robert K. Weiss (Producer of The Naked Gun Series). This is a very eclectic group of directors. How did T.V star Peter Horton become involved with the whole project? The five directors have their own style of directing and part of the fun is guessing who directed each sketch. If you know your directors it is pretty easy and the fun when viewing the film for the first time. This film was universally panned when released in 1987. Each critic that reviewed it stated that the film was unfunny and then singled out one sketch for being the funniest in the film. The critics all picked a different sketch as being the funniest, which means the film has to be pretty hysterical with all these funny sketches.

Here is a breakdown of the sketches in the film and the cast:

Mondo Condo: This sketch features Arsenio Hall as a man that is having a really bad day. He comes home from a long day at work and gets caught in many calamities while trying to relax in his apartment. He even has one annoying caller that is looking for Thelma, and "The bitch don't live here!". This is very old school, physical comedy and quite honestly very funny way to open this wacky film.

Pethouse Video is a spoof of the type of programming you may find on the playboy channel. It centers around a woman that does all of her day to day chores naked. It is hard to concentrate on whether or not this sketch is funny when you are looking at someone as hot as Monique Gabrielle.

Murray in Videoland is cute if not overly funny sketch of an old man that gets zapped into his T.V. This concept could have been much funnier. Look for Murray in the background of many sketches throughout the film. If the baseball announcer's voice sounds familiar that is because it is the late great Phil Hartman's voice.

Hospital is a very offbeat and crazy sketch featuring gratuitous use of a Mr. Potato Head. Peter Horton and Michelle Pfeiffer, (Married to the Mob) play a young couple that just delivered their first baby, which the hospital has misplaced. Griffin Dunne, (After Hours) plays the doctor that tries to desperately find their lost baby. "That's not a baby, its a Mr. Potato Head!"

Then we find Joe Pantoliano in a spoof of those Hair Club for Men ads, which is mildly amusing.

Amazon Women on the Moon is a sketch that is divided up during the movie. This is a send-up of those cheesy 50's science fiction schlock films. The sketch keeps intact the bad special effects, terrible dialogue, and bad science that made those films so fun. The best line is uttered by Joey Travolta, (John's brother) when he decides that the oxygen level is safe on the moon and removes his helmet, "Good Ole H20".

Blacks Without Soul is one of the funniest sketches in the film. B.B King does this public service spot to warn us about the fact some black men in this country are born without soul. He introduces us to several people with this affliction. David Alan Grier, (In Living Color and Streamers) plays Don "No Soul" Simmons. A black man that only knows how to sing white music. Don "No Soul" Simmons returns a few sketches later with a record album commercial. He turned a personal affliction into a recording career. He sings classics, like Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree, Honey, and Gypsy Rose. David Alan Grier plays the sketch with such sincerity that he is perfect.

Two I.D.'s is a dating nightmare and very funny. What if women had a machine that could give them a guy's dating history of his past relationships before they went out. Steve Guttenberg (Diner) and Rosanna Arquette, (Pulp Fiction) have some really strong chemistry together as the the couple about to go out on a date. This is another highlight to the film.
Henry Silva, (Trapped) plays himself as the host of a show called Bullshit or Not. This is a parody of Unsolved Mysteries.
Critic's Corner,and Roast Your Loved One are two sketches that are connected to each other. The first segment is a spoof of Siskel and Ebert and instead of movies they start to review the lives of people. They review Harvey Pitnik and give him two thumbs down. That gives Harvey a severe heart attack. Do you think Harvey Pitnik gets a standard funeral? No he gets a roast from comedians, Steve Allen, Slappy White, Henny Youngman and many more. Poor Harvey. With all the comedians involved this should have been a little funnier.

Throughout the movie there are a series of hit and miss commercials which include, Silly Pate, First Lady of the Evening, and Art Sale (Where everything in the museum must go.) A sketch called Video Pirates is essentially a waste of film.

Son of the Invisible Man is maybe the second funniest sketch in the film after Don "No Soul" Simmons. Ed Begley Jr., (St. Elsewhere) is the son of the Invisible Man and believes he recreated the formula for invisibility. He hasn't and he just ends up a naked man running around a bar trying to scare people.

Titan Man is hysterical because it is the most embarrassing thing that could possibly happen to anyone. Matt Adler, (White Water Summer, Teen Wolf) plays a teenager that is about to do it for the first time with his hot girlfriend. She is played by Kelly Preston, (Secret Admirer). He needs to run into the pharmacy for condoms, but is the one millionth Titan customer.

Video Date also plays on that embarrassing moment type of humor and is why it provides a good chuckle. Marc McClure, (Marty's brother in Back to the Future) is looking for a porno. Russ Meyer, the king of sleaze is the guy behind the counter at the video store. He issues out a porno with the name of Marc McClure's character, Ray on it. The video is a porno with a woman that shouts his name out. Until her boyfriend (Andrew Dice Clay) comes in and starts problems for Ray. What is funny is that even though Ray is nowhere near any real action, it seems so real to him and that is why its so funny.
Watch the entire credits and recieve a bonus sketch featuring Carrie Fisher.


  1. Found your site while looking up info on this flick ... saw it a long time ago and laughed my toes off. Then saw it the other day at K-mart on DVD from Universal for only 5.99 ... had to be done! Good stuff.

  2. Thank You, this film always puts a smile on my face. Don "No Soul" Simmons is the best. I will have some new reviews coming so check often.

  3. No soul Simmons sonds like a one of those thirties jazzist haha, any way a great movie, it always makes me laugh a lot.