Monday, April 20, 2009

Megan- Part One: Should Have Ran

It was the Spring of 2002 when my easy going lifestyle was just about to become a confusing mess. I was set up on an awkward blind date with a girl named Sharon, and this was set up by my supposed best friend Joey. Sharon made me instantly think of Paul Simon. I thought of Paul Simon because I'm pretty sure that she was the roly-poly little bat-faced girl in the song You Can Call Me Al. Sharon's conversation skills were limited and she had the most annoying habit of almost walking into traffic. Have you ever had to pull your date out of on-coming traffic? My friend Joey, urged me to give her a second chance.

The next day at school my mind was so jumbled because I really believed seeing Sharon again would be a mistake. Since I had forty five minutes before my English class began I assumed the lounge near the class would be a nice place to clear my head. (Boy was I wrong.) Eventually I was approached by a smiling stranger from the class. A girl with brownish red hair in her late twenties with freckles and a tan Members Only jacket. (I thought only guys wore them in the 80's.) Despite the smile her face showed signs of being older then she admitted. A conversation shortly started and it contained a wide range of topics from Snap, Crackle and Pop to life in general. The two of us were instantly comfortable with each other.

In the next couple of weeks we met on the same day each week and in the same spot. We talked about everything from her parent's divorce resulting in her mom leaving, movies and how lonely Valentine's Day can make you feel when you don't have someone special. As we used to sit and talk one could tell how nervous she was. She would clinch her book bag as she would tell me the stories of her life. "I can't end up like my parents". I confessed to her one day. "We won't let that happen", she quickly and calmly replied. I felt the term "we" was being used a little too fast, but I shook that feeling off very shortly. (I wanted to grow up when it came to dating and not get nervous over every small detail.)

The following week we discussed our fondness for childhood films such as The Goonies and the campy Tom Cruise film, Legend. (I am no longer a fan of Legend.) I then introduced her to my eccentric friend from the class Ricardo. Ricardo was a quiet portly black guy, who always looked angry. Never any real reason has to why he would be angry, it was just the way his face was structured I guess. (My friendship with Ricardo would end shortly after, because he brought his Mother along to see The Hulk. "You need to hang out more with my son", she insisted.) Ricardo had an unusual dream, he wanted to be a cartoonist and a professional wrestler. The three of us would hang out in an empty classroom, where I would attempt to throw a skittle in the air and catch it in my mouth. The first attempt was a success but follow-up attempts were proven unsuccessful. Megan then referred to me as a "dumb nut". "Dumb nut? That's not even a word in the dictionary. What is a "dumb nut"?" "You" she replied. This playful banter was one of the few times she let her guard down and actually seemed to be having fun and Ricardo was cracking up.

After class I tried to walk Megan to the bus stop but she gave me a look like I was crazy. Several days would pass until she informed me that I could walk her to the bus stop. (Gee whiz can I?) During this conversation, we literally bumped into Ricardo. "I'm going to sit in that classroom". Then Ricardo left after his less then profound statement.

"You think Ricardo wants company?" I asked, Megan

"We could go sit with him".

"Yeah but I don't know if he wants company? He would have said something or at least waited for us".

"He's Ricardo, you know he never says what he means, that's just him".

A few days later more seemed to unfold in this strange series of events called my life. "I'm being stalked!" She uttered this has she pointed to the quiet boy reading his book in the corner of the lounge. "That's why I couldn't come over and sit with you guys, when you asked me". That made no sense to me. If someone is bothering you, wouldn't you want to go sit next to a couple of big guys. One of which has an angry expression on his face. The second thing that made no sense was that the boy was sitting quietly reading and not even looking in her direction. Then she began a weird rant that seemed to go on forever and made both Ricardo and I a little uncomfortable. "This guy just won't leave me alone, (The quiet guy.) and I told him look I have a boyfriend, I mean I'm not going to cheat on my boyfriend with someone I don't even know". (Its OK if you know the person?) Plus I hate to give out my phone number and I hate talking on the phone, I think it is the worst part of a relationship". This whole monologue came out of her mouth with no breaks or chance for me to speak. If I recall right Ricardo may have fell asleep.

That conversation made me realize I could be nothing more then the girl's friend. I had no idea she had a boyfriend or if she was really being stalked. Plus I always had Sharon, who I still had not made a second date with yet.

Two months had passed and our friendship had blossomed into something beautiful because our conversations on Thursdays allowed us to share everything with each other. It was odd trusting someone I didn't know that long but it felt right. Megan started going on about her in theory only stalker and how her boyfriend doesn't turn this guy off. Since she brought up her boyfriend, I thought I would throw Sharon in her face. (Real mature I know. I later found out that Sharon had schizophrenia, so I never did schedule that second date.) She started to blush causing all the freckles on her face to become a human connect the dot. "Why would you ask me dating advice, you know I don't have a boyfriend stupid!" (I do?) I felt lousy.

"You and I should catch a movie sometime?" I said.

"I'd like that!"

"I know you hate to give out your number, but"

"How about I just take your number and call you?"

Coming Soon to this theatre: Megan Part 2: She-Demon from Hell. Take a seat next to the junkies and rats in the Grindhouse theatre that is my life.

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